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Candidate for the Next Catron County Sheriff's Race, Clay Douglas and long-time friend and fellow Oath-Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack meet in Reserve, New Mexico at the Catron County Freedom Rally.


this will be replaced by the SWF.

Sheriff Richard Mack and Clay Douglas



Catron County Freedom Rally

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Bad News: Sheriff Mack's less than gracious reception by some people in Reserve:

When People join the Military Service or engage in Public Office, they swear an Oath to Protect this Nation and it's People from ALL ENEMIES, foreign and domestic by following the Rules set out in the Constitution.  Most of our Public Servants, Police and Military today don't seem to know what that means.  BUT, there is a growing movement in police and military circles to publicly announce that those men and women KNOW what that Oath means and mean to keep it!  More information can be found at: www.oath-keepers.com

[New!] CompanyLongName has been trying for some time to Establish an Internet Presence at another domain.  To date, they have failed.  However, Clay Douglas has purchased this Domain and will be updating it as his campaign for Catron County Sheriff gets underway.
See the History of Law Enforcement for important information.
What is a Sheriff supposed to be and do?
See the What is a Sheriff? for critical information you need to know.

Pressing Matters

These are articles which raise questions that need answers.  Perhaps the current Sheriff will provide those answers.  If not, certainly the next Sheriff will. 

Felony Farming??? 

All Farmers and growers should pay attention . . . Quick!

But Wait! There's more!


How could the County Sheriff help to prevent these crimes from happening here in Catron County?

Sheriff Mack has enlightened us on his 5 September, 2009 Freedom Rally at the Catron County Fairgrounds and Sheriff Candidate Clay Douglas has committed to carry the torch of freedom and to protect and defend Catron County's People against all Federal and State enemies, and of course any foreign enemies who might be dumb enough to attack Catron County. 

Clay intends to rely heavily on the County's Posse for defense and policing duties.  For more information on the wonderful news of Freedom that Sheriff Mack is proclaiming, please order the DVD of the Catron County Freedom Rally directly from Clay Douglas, or visit www.sheriffmack.com for other available DVDs and books.  Please pay special attention to Sheriff Mack's book entitled: "The County Sheriff - America's Last Hope"