Catron County


Text Box: Oath Keepers


Richard Mack

The county sheriff is the chief executive officer in the county and has the power to enforce the will of the Citizens of that county. No one can tell the county sheriff what to do except the People who elect him. Even the governor of the state or the president of the United States cannot tell the county sheriff what to do.


Learn what an OathKeeping Sheriff can do for the People:


The county sheriff can enforce the will of the People to:

 Deny federal/state officials access to county properties

 Create a local economy independent of the US government

 Over-rule federal land grabs and control

 Prevent foreclosures and confiscation of property

 Prevent unlawful searches and gun confiscation

 Protect Catron County Citizens from unconstitutional policies



Keep an eye on:


Tickets available at many local businesses


Or call 575-539-2229

September 5, 2006
2 PM
$20 per Citizen
Catron County FairGrounds

Learn how We can bring 
freedom and prosperity 
to Catron CountyAuthor of Cold, Dead Fingers
Won Supreme Court Case against gun grabbing U.S. Government